Yin yoga / hatha yoga / pranayam

It gives me great pleasure to offer the practice of traditional Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga to people who are just starting to explore yoga. 

The classes are intended to help individuals work on themselves on deeper levels in a guided and supportive way.

My background education is in Psychology and Criminology. I hold a Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy, and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Health Science specializing in Naturopathy.

I have 12 years of experience in social work, including youth work, community support, and trauma-informed support. And I look forward to bringing these experiences into my classes.

Hatha –  Tue 8:30am

Yin – Thurs 5pm



I am a proud Wiradjuri woman, and love to bring respect to country and ancestors into my yoga practice to honor this beautiful land we call Australia. I think we can bring about deep healing this way.

My classes are intuitive and timely, themed with universal energy.

In the past, I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to pass on some of my Indigenous knowledge to schools and businesses around NSW.

I am the founder of MermaidFit, creator of Cultural Awareness Programs being delivered in yoga teacher training here in Sydney, and a member of the yarn circle in Yoga Australia’s Reciprocity Action plan.

Yin & QiGong – Tues 6:30am 




I am very excited to now be able to offer this powerful practice which I have been immersed in for 13 years. Fully qualified to offer Ishta Kriya, this gives an opportunity to learn the techniques that yogis have been utilizing for centuries. Kriya Yoga is an ancient science that recognizes the need for nurturing the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of our lives

If you are looking for a system to help remove old habits and patterns and form new opportunities from a place of inspiration – this is the practice for you.

I am a qualified meditation teacher and have learned from various yogis, monks, and advanced teachers in three continents. I’m proud to walk the ‘middle way’ where practicality is embraced alongside understanding and nurturing the most important aspects of our body, mind, and spirit.

Ishta Kriya is designed to give you:

  • Serenity and calm energetic system
  • Strong, still body
  • Concentrated mind
  • Connection and purpose.

Kriya Yoga –  Fridays 7 – 8am


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