Why we call ourselves The Medicine Wheel

A Medicine Wheel is a powerful symbol for healing! The structure represents our soul’s journey through life. It has been used repeatedly as a metaphor for a holistic approach to healing, because it partially  represents the four main aspects of the human experience; the spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental, along with our connection to Mother Earth and Father Sky, and of course Great Spirit. Because our practice involves addressing all of these directions, the Medicine Wheel is the perfect representation of what we do.

Found mainly in the northwestern part of North America, Medicine Wheels were believed traditionally to have been used as ‘Rites of Passage’ whereby a series of ‘Vision quest ceremonies’ would be led by Elders of a native community to assist a tribal member to find their life purpose, through fasting and prayer and to invite visions of guidance and clarity.

If you would like to explore more about The Medicine Wheel beyond our healing space there is ample information online on its history and uses. If you would like to connect personally about how to work within this paradigm, give us a call.


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