Why the Medicine Wheel




Here is a bit of history and explanation of why we call our healing centre The Medicine Wheel?


The first Medicine Wheel was spotted in Bighorn National Park within the state of Wyoming. It was coined the Medicine Wheel by British explorers and has been known by this name ever since.


The powerful structure is symbolic of our journey through life and the ways in which we can move forward on our pathway and has been used repeatedly as a metaphor by healing practices for a holistic approach to healing.


Found mainly in the northwestern part of North America, Medicine Wheels were traditionally known to as ‘Rites of Passage’ whereby a series of Vision quest ceremonies would be led by Elders of a native community to assist a tribal member to find their purpose through fasting and prayer in order to invite visions of guidance and clarity.


There are many interpretations of the Medicine Wheel within the different nations but from our point of view what is most important to understand is that your healing happens when you address and work with all 4 cardinal points which represent the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.


Understanding the interconnectedness of all of these parts is important to your health and we are here to help you understand how they relate and are influencing each other. The centre of the wheel also represents the need for us to own our own pathway and walk the road strongly and with intent towards developing our empowerment.


If you would like to explore more about The Medicine Wheel beyond our little healing space there is ample information online. If you would like to connect personally about how to work within the Medicine Wheel, give us a call.