Sara Paganelli


Medicine Wheel Bodywork

My History


I was born in a rural area in Italy where I always felt very connected to nature. In 2012, I decided to take a flight to Australia as it has been a longing of mine since I was a teenager, and recently it has become clear to me that Australia is where I was meant to fulfil my true calling of helping people.


The last five years of my life have been spent working in hospitality as a restaurant manager. I feel that during that time I kept avoiding my intuition and the signals that it was time to step into my life purpose, so I am happy that I have finally faced up to the truth and commence my journey as a healer.


In 2017, I experienced a near-death experience doing one of the things I love the most; scuba diving.  I have always felt in my element when immersed amongst all the creatures of the ocean, but this event came very unexpectedly, in many ways. My experience of almost drowning was also experienced as a moment of spiritual awakening, and this I believe was the turning point in my life. I was lucky to meet people like Mylene and Kane to support me through my healing journey.


Working with energy and massaging people resonates with me. Like being underwater, helping people to feel great in their body through awareness and balance makes me feel in line with my soul.


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