Rodney Lochner

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My History

I loved staring at the stars as a kid. I got a telescope and was first interested in the hard science of space. But as a teenager, I intuited the ‘energies’ behind them, which drew me to an interest in Astrology. I was always feeling peoples energies, and what I read of the signs made sense to me. In my twenties, I bought an ephemeris and the core Astrology texts, to make sense of myself and my relationships. My first practical lesson was myself. I am a Scorpio but did not feel like one. Frozen water, piercing, inscrutable, extreme, with sensitively underneath a crust. I wanted to be a Pisces. I was dreamy and ethereal and far too open and silly.


In time I realised that Sun sign Astrology, what we read in the papers, could only explain one’s basic core, the general flavour of a person. But that there was much more to it.


With these understandings, I decided to work as a professional Astrologer. I have been doing charts of clients, friends, and family for many years. I am always learning more about this art. Recently, I have worked with Chiron (the Wounded Healer) and the Moon’s Nodes, to go deeply into issues of Love and Karma. Plus the astrological ‘weather’ of transits and progressions. I also work as an Art Director (design), writer, artist and musician, but Astrology remains my passion.

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