Kinesiology 2 Day Workshop


Touch For Health Module 1

This workshop gives you a strong base to build your kinesiology tools on providing techniques to balance the 14 muscle/meridian/ organ relationships – for improved postural balance, and improved health and performance. You will learn how to muscle test and you will learn a range of correction techniques;

Auricular exercise – decreases neck and shoulder tension and increases sensory input.
Visual inhibition – may improve eyesight and help people who fall asleep or feel tired while reading.
Emotional Stress Release – coping techniques in times of stress.
You will learn spinal reflexes, neuro-lymphatic reflexes, neuro-vascular reflexes to balance the muscles and meridian systems.
Cross Crawl for Fun – the exercise helps integrate left and right brain hemispheres and improve concentration and learning;
Surrogate Testing – enabling balances on younger children;
Foods for Strengthening – using food to strengthen muscles;
Posture Awareness – significant changes can be made to posture by completing the 14 muscle balance; and
Simple Pain Techniques – by flushing or running meridians, feathering for a cramp or spasm.

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