Friday Connect – 11 December SOLD OUT


Friday Connect is an opportunity for you to master your relationships with others and in the process, form new meaningful connections.

The evening consists of creative exercises which are interactive and playful, but also deep and powerful.

1. How to effectively hold space for others
2. To express yourself truthfully and freely
3. To feel safe in your expression and honour your feelings
4. How to balance your relationships with others
5. How to have healthy boundaries that respect your energy
6. How to take full charge of your life and manifest positive relationships

Don’t miss this opportunity to be held with Danny and Mylene in this enjoyable evening, which includes a bit of yummy treats and a hot drink.

We look forward to your company, and embrace your presence as part of our healing community


Sold out

1 review for Find Your Purpose

  1. Mylene

    “The Find Your Purpose Workshop was a really enjoyable day. I learned a lot of valuable information about ego-based and soul-based work that gave me a whole new perspective on things. Mylene’s intuitive gifts added extra depth to the experience and made it super exciting. Not to mention, the wealth of knowledge she has to share. I felt comfortable and relaxed all day which can sometimes be hard in a full-day workshop. It was a really lovely experience. I came out of it with a huge paradigm shift and a clear direction of the path I would like to focus on. Highly recommend!”

    Avalon Davy

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