Eye-Gazing Workshop

Date: Sun, May 15
Time: 12 – 2pm

Would you like to develop more trust with others?
Get past shameful or uncomfortable experiences with others?
Build confidence in your connections?
Face your social fears?
Experience yourself as a multi-faceted being?

Eye-gazing is an old tradition within Buddhism and Tantra recognised for many social benefits, helping people to break through several barriers which inhibit a sense of intimacy with others.

The class functions through an eye-gazing rotation to experience yourself and others in a very profound way. Sharing is also involved, so this beautiful and social experience can really help you to connect with the community.

Come along and have fun!


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1 review for Find Your Purpose

  1. Mylene

    “The Find Your Purpose Workshop was a really enjoyable day. I learned a lot of valuable information about ego-based and soul-based work that gave me a whole new perspective on things. Mylene’s intuitive gifts added extra depth to the experience and made it super exciting. Not to mention, the wealth of knowledge she has to share. I felt comfortable and relaxed all day which can sometimes be hard in a full-day workshop. It was a really lovely experience. I came out of it with a huge paradigm shift and a clear direction of the path I would like to focus on. Highly recommend!”

    Avalon Davy

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