Discover Your Archetypes

Sun Aug 28th
Time: 10am- 5:30pm

If you would like to dive deep into the world of archetypes, this is a workshop that provides just that. The workshop will have a particular focus on the ‘4 Main Survival Archetypes’ according to the teachings of Caroline Myss, famous author of ‘Anatomy of the Spirit’, and many other spiritual books.

If you feel ready to explore your unconscious, your shadow, and your relationships, this is really quite a fascinating topic that delves into the depths and history of our psyche.

There is so much we don’t recognise about ourselves. We are not just one-way, we are multifaceted! Getting a clear picture of the roles we play, can give us massive insight into our life.

If you would like to join me for this unique and explorative shadow workshop, where you will have the opportunity to really understand your relationship dynamics and the roles you play in other people’s lives, and how you ‘act out’ your experiences from childhood.

– The History & Purpose of Archetypes
– Identifying Your Archetypes
– The Archetypal Belief Patterns
– Role-Playing for Self-Discovery
– Confronting our Archetypes & Healing

This class is intimate with a maximum of 8 participants. Healthy snacks and hot beverages are included.


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1 review for Find Your Purpose

  1. Mylene

    “The Find Your Purpose Workshop was a really enjoyable day. I learned a lot of valuable information about ego-based and soul-based work that gave me a whole new perspective on things. Mylene’s intuitive gifts added extra depth to the experience and made it super exciting. Not to mention, the wealth of knowledge she has to share. I felt comfortable and relaxed all day which can sometimes be hard in a full-day workshop. It was a really lovely experience. I came out of it with a huge paradigm shift and a clear direction of the path I would like to focus on. Highly recommend!”

    Avalon Davy

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