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Kane and Me len who are passionate about holistic health, spirituality, and personal growth provide a beautiful space for you to embark on your spiritual discovery.

Because of the committment to providing you with accurate, insightful, and practical information we invite you to embrace the circle of wellness.

Join our community on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and growth, because together, we can create a more balanced and empowered world.


Spiritual Guidance & Intuitive Bodywork

The door to living a life driven by spirituality and consciousness came through a catalytic event at age 28, in my homeland of Canada, when I experienced a  car accident. The event resulted in a significant shift in my energy and began my shamanic initiations.

In an effort to resolve the physical pain I was experiencing at the time, I sought help from several therapists in the healing arts, which sent me on a quest to understand the connection between the mind, body, and spirit. Since then, I have had many opportunities to understand how to assist others on their own personal quest for a soulful existence.

I have a deep reverence for the work I do, and my current passion is teaching and offering groups and one-on-one sessions to help people move beyond their challenges with a greater understanding of themselves and a balanced life.


I am in service to help people who would like to receive intuitive insights and want to understand their challenges from a spiritual perspective. The information that I offer is channeled and unlike what is offered in traditional therapy methods, the approach is about looking at everyday experiences from a spiritual perspective. That means understanding why the situation is occurring and what to do to change it.  I am a translator and read symbolic messages that will give people vital information that will help them. I love to assist people with resolving relationship issues and to help them clear their karma. Many people who have come to see me discover changes manifesting positively for them when they follow my guidance.



Due to an unforeseen ‘blessing in disguise’ in 2008, when I had to suddenly find a new career path, I fell into the healing arts pursuing study in bodywork.

The bodywork approach I offer is shamanic in nature, as I help people make the connection between their physical pain, their emotional pain, and their state of mind.

Born into traditional Maori culture and raised around our local Marae (tribal meeting house) I offer an open view of the World, more steeped in myths, stories, and the beginning of Aotearoa (New Zealand) and its formation.


I am here to share what I can do for those ready to take a leap. I have an understanding of treating the body with the energy of love. Cutting strings from the past, understanding our habits and what parts of those serve us or not.

My work is deep for those who are not ready to embrace the hard truth of what they are experiencing on a deeper level. I speak throughout most of the sessions to share with you what your body is expressing so we can unlock those stories you hold on to and release them for you to experience great change within you.

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