Somatic Emotional Healing

I have always had a high level of sensitivity and empathy for others, and this quality I value as it enables me to provide genuine support for others.

My journey into healing others started when I obtained a master’s degree in “Adapted and Preventive Motor Activities”. This gave me a curiosity about psychosomatics so I could deepen the communication that exists between body, emotions, psyche, breath, and traumatic memories.

I have qualifications in integrative breathing techniques, somatic healing therapies, and adaptive embodiment practices for treating post-traumatic stress disorder within a multidisciplinary approach.

At the present time, I use combined tools to offer Somatic Emotional Healing. It is a body-oriented approach to healing and restoring a person back to harmony from the dissonance of unresolved trauma, so the individual can embody a renewed sense of safety and connection within their natural unfolding of daily life. The sessions are a safely held journey into the body and soul to bring awareness of trapped memories which we can communicate through our breath and posture, our unconscious gestures and physical sensations, and sometimes through our muscular tensions and chronic pain states. 


Root Chakra & Inner Child Healing

I am a therapist living my calling of helping individuals and families live healthy, abundant, joyful, and more satisfying lives.

I had the amazing opportunity to witness so much change in my own life through the work I did with Teal Swan in America. I did some training with her and it was transformative. Now I get to share this with you.

I help people understand their subconscious programming and create new neural pathways so they can live their lives in alignment with their true selves. Besides working with individuals I also enjoy working with parents and kids. I help parents understand themselves so that they can connect and understand their kids on a deeper level. 

While working with my clients I apply different modalities and choose the one that suits them best in a particular situation. I recognize that the biggest changes happen when we work directly with the subconscious mind and so this is my favorite way of working.


Shamanic Bodywork

It’s not how I thought I would become a healer yet I accidentally fell into it, after the collapse of the economy in 2008 and losing my job. Trying to compete for the limited jobs out there I decided to take up study while I waited for the economy to improve. A Diploma of Remedial massage at Australian College of Natural Therapies in Surry Hills in 2010 would become the not so accidental life-changing experience for me. Being an amateur hands-on healer I wondered if there was a way I could combine the two. Was not able to find the connection until 3 months after I completed the course.

It didn’t take long for my passion to find an outlet that could express my soul in such a profound way. Starting off in a chiropractic clinic I honed in my skills as a deep tissue therapist for much of the first year and over the next two, it started to take on a whole new life of its own. It wasn’t long before I found tapping into the muscles had a story behind the injury being it acute or chronic. The deeper I would tap into the cells in the body everything kept connecting back to the mind. As I started sharing these anomalies with my clients in a professional manner it became obvious to treat someone was about eliminating the associated muscles which in its memory starts to mask the real problem of the body and in return the mind.

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Born into a traditional Maori culture and raised around our local Marae (tribal meeting house) it gave me an open view of the World, more steeped in myths, stories and the beginning of Aotearoa (New Zealand) and its formation.

Born from a line of prophets and healers, I am here to share what I can do for those ready to take a leap. I have an understanding of treating the body with the energy of love. Cutting strings from the past, understanding our habits and what parts of those serve us or not.

My work is intense and not for those who are not ready to embrace the hard truth of what they are experiencing on a deeper level. My work is informative as I speak throughout the session to share what the body is communicating. Energy is life changing when we can tap into our mind peacefully and it no longer separates itself from the body.


Medicine Wheel Bodywork & Intuitive counseling

I first became interested in the healing arts after experiencing a car accident at the age of 28. The accident, which occurred in my homeland of Canada had resulted in debilitating pain throughout my back and produced a significant shift in my energy.

In an effort to resolve the physical pain I was experiencing at the time I sought help from several therapists in the healing arts.

I was blessed along the way to discover a profound healer who was practicing Osteopathy. She was able to effortlessly realign my spine with the use of cranial-sacral therapy and what she referred to as an emotional release technique. Within five sessions I became completely free of any pain in my body. She did this by barely touching me and this fascinated me. She said that it was trapped emotions in my body that were the cause of the blockages producing pain along my spine.

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This experience sent me on a mission to understand the connections between the mind, body and spirit. I went on a trip to South East Asia to spend time with myself and after extensive travelling my circumstances led me to Australia.

When I arrived in 2005 I decided to enrol in a course to study Remedial Massage. After completing my studies, I started working for chiropractors to gain an in-depth understanding of the workings of the musculoskeletal system and physical pain, although it wasn’t very long into this experience that I went on to discover a more spiritual approach to healing.

My 14 years of practice has taken several twists and turns, but in the end has become a neo-shamanic method of practice which includes both the art of massage and several approaches to soul retrieval work.

These days much of my focus is on sharing my knowledge and wisdom as a spiritual teacher in both my personal practice and as part of the course I developed for others to learn about the art of healing.


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