Package 3

PACKAGE 2 – ‘Journey Within’


PACKAGE 2 – ‘Journey Within’


‘Journey within’ is exactly that! It is a package to help you attain a connection to your innate wisdom and to give you the clarity of mind for you to make the best decisions for yourself. It will help guide you in the right direction and help you heal your relationship with yourself and others. It is well worth the investment!


Deposit $50




The deposit of 50$ towards the purchase of your package is to reserve your preferred booking times and to ensure The Medicine Wheel healers receive reasonable notice of any changes you may need to make to your scheduled appointments. As part of our cancellation policy, the minimum amount of time we require as notification for changes to your bookings is 24-hours to prevent incurring a charge of 50$.


This special is currently available to use until August 30th.

Please bear in mind when purchasing your package that all sessions must be used by the expiry date.


When we receive your order we will contact you to help you make your bookings! If you prefer to make the bookings yourself online, we do recommend that you book the sessions in the order placed in the package. For any questions please don’t hesitate to call us! We look forward to helping you on your healing journey.