Our ethos

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Our core belief is that every person carries the ability to ‘self-heal’. And with the correct knowledge and inner strength, people can acquire the happiness they long for. Our roles as Shamanic healers is simply to guide people, towards finding the answers that lay deep within them; their own truth and wisdom.


We believe healing happens when a person can take full responsibility for their journey, and take the steps to make the necessary changes. When people can own their every challenge, including all of their experiences, only then can they understand, the power they hold of creating their reality.


Our aim is to contribute to the bigger picture, within the  ‘ consciousness movement’,  which is occurring on our planet at this time. Therefore, every life that we affect positively, we feel, is an effort made towards the greater good of all, and we pride ourselves on these visions.


The Medicine Wheel is a place you can trust to let your guard down and embrace your pathway to healing. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]