Our ethos

As owners of The Medicine Wheel, myself Mylene, and Kane both have had a long history as Shamanic Healers and have been led to this place to serve and hold the greater space for others to come into their healing path




Our understanding and belief are that every person carries the inner strength and ability to ‘self-heal’, and our role as Shamanic healers is simply to guide you towards finding the answers that lay deep within yourself; your own truth and wisdom.


 As truth seekers, we consider our purpose is to help people to discover their own true power! And we believe healing happens when a person can take full responsibility for their journey in this intricate and mesmerising world we co-exist in. When we can own our every challenge, all of our experiences and turn them into a substance of power, then we can understand our own ability to manifest exactly what we long for; balance, peace and harmony.


As part of the bigger picture we consider ourselves to be in-line with a ‘movement of consciousness’ which extends out from the healing we provide for you to everything you interact with in your daily life


Because of this belief, with our team of healers, we will always help push you to your limits or full capacity for personal and spiritual growth, so we won’t always be kind or gentle, but we will always have your best interest at heart as we work with the most ancient of wisdom and most in-depth knowledge of healing


The Medicine Wheel is a place you can trust to let your guard down and embrace your pathway to healing.