Intuitive Counselling
Medicine Wheel Bodywork



I first became drawn to the healing arts after experiencing two car accidents within a two week period at the age of 28 in my homeland of Canada. The accidents at the time resulted in a significant shift in my energy and a debilitating pain throughout my back which were the catalysts for my pursuit down this new path of healing.


In an effort to resolve the physical pain I was experiencing, I was blessed to find a profound healer and French Osteopath who managed to almost effortlessly realign my entire body with the use of cranial-sacral release work and what she referred to as an emotional release technique. Within five sessions I became completely free of any pain in my body. She did this by barely touching me and this fascinated me.  She said that it was my trapped emotions that were the cause of the blockages producing pain along my spine.


This experience then sent me on a mission to understand the connections between my mind, body and spirit. The journey led me to take a trip around the world which eventually landed me in Australia.


When I arrived in Australia in 2005 I decided to undertake a course in Remedial Massage. After completing my studies, I started working for chiropractors to gain knowledge of the musculoskeletal system, but it wasn’t very long into my practice that I went on to discover the more profound work which led me to understand the connection between the mind, body and spirit.

In my 13 years of practice its development took several twists and turns, but became a shamanic method of practice which included the art of massage.


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