Massage Therapy



Our unique ‘Signature Bodywork’ is a blend of deep tissue massage and energy healing.


The sessions are intuitive, deep, and flowing with a strong focus on the chakra system, and practitioners use various methods to re-balance these centres.


The practice was developed by the founder of The Medicine Wheel, Mylene Koury through her 13 years of practice as a massage therapist and shamanic healer. All of our practitioners who are offering Medicine Wheel Bodywork were trained by Mylene and because of this, you can expect to receive a certain level of consistency between the therapists.


If you are having a recurring issue in you’re life that you are finding difficult to shift. If you want to improve your overall health, physically and emotionally, and discover solutions to stress and life’s challenges, and if you want to become more tuned with your body and spirituality, then we invite you to try one of our Medicine Wheel Bodywork sessions.