Lucien Hronova



My History


I was born in Eastern Europe and from early childhood, I can remember feeling the presence of angels. I’ve always been highly intuitive and have felt a calling to visit Australia since the age of 18, believing that something was there for me. In 2007  the opportunity came to make that trip across the globe happen – and Australia has felt like home ever since.


A few years ago I found myself on a journey of personal development and healing. The journey started because of my fascination with the healing arts, and the interconnection I discovered between the mind, body and spirit. I started practising regular Yoga to better understand myself, and this led me to pursue training in the Science of Health Medicine, graduating with a Diploma in 2018 and continuing on my studies in Naturopathy. When I was presented with the opportunity to deepen my knowledge and training through The Medicine Wheel course of bodywork and healing, I jumped at the chance to dive deeper into the path of healer without hesitation.


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