Kane Puna


Shamanic Bodywork

My History


It’s not how I thought I would become a healer yet I accidentally fell into it, after the collapse of the economy in 2008 and losing my job. Trying to compete for the limited jobs out there I decided to take up study while I waited for the economy to improve. A Diploma of Remedial massage at Australian College of Natural Therapies in Surry Hills in 2010 would become the not so accidental life-changing experience for me. Being an amateur hands-on healer I wondered if there was a way I could combine the two. Was not able to find the connection until 3 months after I completed the course.


It didn’t take long for my passion to find an outlet that could express my soul in such a profound way.  Starting off in a chiropractic clinic I honed in my skills as a deep tissue therapist for much of the first year and over the next two, it started to take on a whole new life of its own. It wasn’t long before I found tapping into the muscles had a story behind the injury being it acute or chronic. The deeper I would tap into the cells in the body everything kept connecting back to the mind. As I started sharing these anomalies with my clients in a professional manner it became obvious to treat someone was about eliminating the associated muscles which in its memory starts to mask the real problem of the body and in return the mind.


My life has always been about listening to my heart, intuition and with that in mind have ended up in a beautiful place like The Medicine Wheel with the opportunity to work alongside some incredible like-minded therapists.

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