Intuitive counselling is an in-depth exploration into what underlies an individual’s challenges and implementing the solutions to resolve those challenges. The sessions normally include spiritual guidance, clairvoyance, counselling, mentoring, and guided meditations.

The sessions are intended to help you identify your blocks, internal conflicts, limiting beliefs and patterns of behaviour. You will hopefully gain spiritual knowledge and the tools to move forward to a happier, more empowered and peaceful place.

Sofia holds a deep understanding of human conditioning. She also works with her abilities as a clairvoyant and clairaudient. She offers you an in-depth understanding of how you are creating your reality, and how you can start to improve that reality, and therefore your experience of life.

Sofia is very open and she holds a safe space for you to express yourself, free of judgement. You will be comforted to discuss your life’s challenges openly and freely.

If you are ready to explore your fullest potential, you may find these sessions very insightful and rewarding, and able to take you to those higher states of being.

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