Exploring Archetypes

Saturday 10th October
10am – 2pm

Facilitator: Danny Nercessian

Please Join me for a day of exploring our archetypes, creatively, through a chosen monologue.

I’m Danny — an actor and spiritual seeker, who loves to practice open, free expression. And I’m inspired through my own healing journey to share my creative art with you.

With the use of the Caroline Myss archetype oracle cards, we will have a play with our archetypal characters.

Archetypes are formed through the adopting of human projections, which end up weaved into our behaviour. By recognising our archetypes, we can understand our inherited masks, and how they influence our lives. Be open to learning from them, and understand whether they are serving us.

In this workshop, you will be experiencing a blend of acting techniques and healing strategies. We will uncover our own masks through performance principles.

This workshop is designed to build confidence, empower creativity and generate self-awareness. Please bring water, comfortable clothing and your wonderful sense of humour!