Modality Recognition


The massage techniques we use in the course integrates eastern approaches such as conscious breathing and flowing grounded movements with the more western approach to the body. The technique helps to relieve muscular tension, reduces emotional stress, promotes blood flow, and  prepares the person for deeper and more specific work.


Conscious Breathing is applied by both the practitioner and the receiver of the treatment throughout the practice. It helps a flow-on effect and connects the energy of the practitioner with the reciever in a harmonious way. The breath, when applied consciously can also be used to direct the mind to positive thoughts and affirmations. The breath in this modality is also used to balance the feminine and masculine energies, to limit resistance, and to help the person connect with their soul.

the Connection

The Connection involves metaphysical healing. It is intended to help individuals tap into their higher self, and is applied throughout the deeper parts of the massage. It includes telepathic communication and positive visualization. 

Active-Passive Technique 1

The Active-Passive Technique is a bodywork application used throughout the modality which initiates ‘The Connection.’ It works by balancing the energies between the practitioner and the recipient, creating a reciprocal flow of feminine and masculine energies. In the masculine or ‘active’ part of the method, the recipient is awakened to the areas of the body which are ‘asleep’. And within the ‘Passive’ part the practitioner is facilitating a person’s re-connection with themselves.

Chakra Balancing 1

Understanding the language of the chakras and how they are expressed in the body is an integral part of Medicine Wheel Bodywork. The 7 major chakras are used as a reference throughout the treatment for how a person experiences their life through their beliefs, thoughts and feelings. Through physical palpation and observation the practitioner is able to understand the areas that need to be addressed in the person in order to rebalance the chakras.

Guided Meditations 1

The Guided Shamanic Meditations are a powerful tool to help people shift their associated memories and beliefs. They are led intuitively by the practitioner who uses symbolism channeled from the spirit world, in order to help the person re-create their stories and unite with their soul.


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