Becoming Healer

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My name is Mylene. For those of you who don’t know me, I opened The Medicine Wheel in 2011 during the middle of my career as a massage therapist and healer. I was led spiritually to this beautiful land and community through divine intervention where I wound up serving the greater community of Sydney with my now partner and best friend Kane Puna.


Together we have created a safe place where people can come and explore themselves in the deepest way. Because of the constant flow of energy and support for our healing space, it has become an incredible sanctuary to work in every day and we would love to share that space with like-minded souls who want to be part of this movement of growing consciousness. The Medicine Wheel is not just an alternative healing centre it is a spiritual centre that seeks to grow and strengthen the community, so we need to strengthen our own internal tribe.


If you believe you would like to align yourself with us, share our values and devote yourself to the cause, then get in touch. We would love to hear from you!


Basic Questions


What is Medicine Wheel Bodywork?
An amazingly effective style of deep tissue massage which is holistic addressing the mind, body and spirit connection. The Medicine Wheel BodyworkTM Course is a certification course for people who want to become massage therapists and healers in our signature modality.


How do I apply for the training?
By booking an interview at our Medicine Wheel practice in Bondi


How long does the training take if I am accepted?
Three months approximately


How many hours a week will I need to devote to learning Medicine Wheel Bodywork?
Between 20 – 30 hours


What is the total cost of the training?