Medicine Wheel Bodywork

My History


Originally from Finland, my restless soul which searched for a true path coupled with a love for travel led me on many adventures around the globe from a young age. A study abroad program at the end of my university degree in 2009 brought me to Byron Bay in Australia, and I quickly fell in love with the country, it’s multicultural openminded people and laid back culture, and I also formed a somewhat obsessive addiction to the ocean and surfing. Since that first encounter with Australia I felt I had found my spiritual homeland, I just couldn’t stay away, and so I made a permanent move over to Sydney in 2012.


I had also battled a rare autoimmune condition since I was 18; and as the condition progressed but western medicine had no answers, I started turning to alternative therapies. I could remember the initial onset of my symptoms at a tough time in my life where I ‘wished myself sick’ and as the memories gradually came back I innately knew that if I could create sickness I could also heal myself. This was the beginning of a long and at times very tough healing journey – but with the help of yoga, meditation, dietary changes and energy healing I found my way back to a healthy body and happy balanced mind. I could never have done that journey without some of the incredible spiritual teachers and healers I was blessed to be supported by along the way, who in turn motivated me to step into the light and embrace my innate power to not just heal myself but also inspire and motivate others on their healing journey.


Today I’m a certified The Medicine Wheel Bodywork practitioner, yoga & meditation teacher, mindfulness master practitioner, Reiki energy healer, and holistic life coach.


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