Hi. I would like to introduce myself.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Mylène. I opened The Medicine Wheel in 2011.

As you may know, The Medicine Wheel’s aim is to spread consciousness and help the community heal. And we consider ourselves a contributor to this emerging ‘consciousness movement’, which extends from the healing provided to individuals, to the collective wellbeing and the health of our planet.

As part of this endeavor, we are inspired to co-create this mission with a community of healers, who share our aspirations, and who would like to be part of our international healing modality, so we can spread the love.

If you are passionate about learning the art of massage and healing and you feel aligned with us, share our values, and want to devote yourself to the cause, we have good news! We offer different levels in our modality, with the opportunity to practice professionally.

Upcoming courses

Level 1:   Intuitive massage – June 2022

advanced training:  medicine wheel bodywork – January 2023

» Massage
» Conscious Breathing
» Telepathic Healing
» Chakra Balancing 
» Guided Meditations

   Duration – 150 hours 
   Course fees – $2850


 Intuitive Massage

     Practitioner level course


The first part of the training, Intuitive Massage offers a foundational practice for Medicine Wheel Bodywork – a massage modality with a shamanic approach to healing that addresses the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of a person in order to achieve balance.

Intuitive Massage is a beautiful and deeply explorative course, which focuses mostly on helping the person grow spiritually, so they can apply this growth through high-level massage skills and the ability to tune in to the subtle energies. Much of the course places emphasis on the 7 major chakras and their teachings along with an understanding of the medicine wheel.

If you are interested in learning this incredibly powerful modality, it will offer you the opportunity to gain the skills to start to contribute in making a real difference in the world.




The massage course level 1 taught by Mylene Koury has been a wonderful learning experience for me. I have learned an in-depth healing modality through conducting a safe working practice for myself and my future clients, effective massage techniques, massage sequences, and client etiquette. Mylene gave us a great demonstration so we could fully understand the differences between good and bad techniques so we would have an in-depth knowledge of the modality.

Personally, she is a great open and honest person and is happy to share her wisdom because of this the course flowed very organically and we always felt connected as a group, and our questions and input into conversations were always encouraged and valued. I would suggest this course for anyone looking to further their skills and knowledge in massage and I’m looking forward to continuing my education with Mylene in the future.

Brendan McMullan 2019

As a yoga teacher and reiki practitioner, I was looking for a more hands on healing modality to add to my offering to my clients, to complement my holistic, healing approach to yoga teaching and practice. Massage had interested me for some time but a traditional massage course did not feel exactly right. Then I came across Mylene and her Medicine Wheel Bodywork course, and it was exactly what I was after – a modality that combines elements of massage and energy healing. I found the course was everything it promised to be and more. Challenging, yet in a relaxed and supportive environment, with practical and informative instruction from Mylene, we grew from novices to professionals in just a few weekends with her sharing her wealth of experience (both theoretical and practical).

A lot of emphasis was put on learning to practice massage safely, and Mylene also educated us on the key muscles and bony landmarks that would guide us to massage correctly. I came out of the course feeling confident in my ability to bring a safe, enjoyable and healing massage, and I look forward to diving deeper into the modality of Medicine Wheel Bodywork on the next course level. Thank you Mylene for sharing your skills with kindness and passion.

Annina Helenelund

Having been both physically and energetically drawn into The Medicine Wheel centre on several different occasions, I eventually contacted Mylene and signed up for the bodywork course. Since our first conversations regarding the course and what I wanted to achieve out of it, I have and still do continue to surprise myself. Having had no prior experience giving massage or any other type of healing before, I began the course with an openness to what might unfold.
The depth of self healing and self discovery I have enabled within this journey has been truly astounding especially given the support from both my class students and from Mylene!! The course structure was perfect for me personally, with really balanced practical, theory and personal sharing time dedicated in each session. And for somebody that is also quite new to anatomy; the muscles and the joints, I found the learning to be both fun and logical as Mylene physically showed us and demonstrated on volunteers Both the components; physical and metaphysical were taught in depth with kindness, deep knowledge and love from Mylene!
I am exceptionally grateful for her wisdom and time dedicated to teaching The Medicine Wheel Bodywork modality. 
Daisy Cockle


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