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1 hr session – $100
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1 hr session – $100

Mylene Koury

My History

I was first trained in Swedish Kinetic Massage in my homeland of Canada in 2003. Upon arriving in Australia in 2005, I furthered my studies by attending the Australasian College of Natural Therapies to obtain a diploma in Remedial Massage Therapy. I gained my first training experience working alongside Chiropractors as an assistant to postural assessment, which helped me develop an understanding of structural problems and knowledge of soft tissue correction. Although not long into my hands on experience in the field I went on to develop new ways of treating, different from what I was being taught. Because of my devotion to help others achieve inner peace and balance I started to intuitively work in a way that I didn't have a full comprehension of at the time. But I knew that there was a whole lot more to it then just the physical part of muscular tension and pain; there was the cause for it.

My findings eventually led me to treat holistically with consideration of the importance of energy residing in and out of the body, the connections between distal points, the importance of connective tissue release, the understanding of meridians, chakras and of course the emotions and all the personal experiences which are unique to the individual and which are related to these energetic pathways and centers.

In 2008,I went on to study my long term interest for Psychology. I attended Charles Sturt University until my ambitious goals to operate The Medicine Wheel began in 2011.

My Philosophy

I feel strongly about helping others make informed decisions on their well being and use wisdom and intuition to guide and support people through intuitive counselling/consulting to assist with personal understanding of issues surrounding them. I consider the Intuitive Counselling I do, a good first step to the introduction of energy based modalities which is where further profound shifts can occur. Because of my belief in the importance of addressing the energy body, I have developed the clinic with a strong focus on this and use the many  traditional instruments to perform sessions which include, vibrational sound therapy & energy clearing techniques with the use of tools such as; smudge, resins, crystals; oils, salt bowls and breath work.

My Bodywork is deep but the application of energy movement initiated by positive visualisation is how I get results.


REVIEW *****
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Hi.  I am the owner of The Medicine Wheel. Here is my review of myself.. Mylene is a highly attuned practitioner who sees and feels beyond the ordinary realms. She works with strong spirit guides who are there to send messages or information about the person being treated. Her work is deep and specific and is always aimed to clear and lift the spirit and to manifest better outcomes for that individual. Her aim is to work with her strong team of practitioners to get the best possible outcome for all that come to The Medicine Wheel to seek growth and betterment of self.