Friday 3:30-4:30 'Out of the Mind'

This class will be a Yin Yoga practice with a sound bath, along with Kane's
healing hands to settle everyone's energies, and Marjas' amazing voice to bring
you out of the mind and into the heart.

Friday 5-6pm 'Relationship Harmony'

If your a deep thinker and enjoy sharing your thoughts by debating on important
ideas and concepts, this class provides an opportunity for you to express your
thoughts and ideas while learning how to be communicative in a flexible and
harmonious way. This exercise helps us master relationships, either
in the professional or personal realm.

Friday 7:30-9pm 'Fire Drumming Circle'

Here we will gather around the fire pit to increase vibration and come together
as a collective to the wonderful sounds of the Djembe. Each of us will be provided
a drum to partake in the creation of the fire drumming circle.

Saturday 7-8am 'Into the Heart'

Tommy will be preparing us for a day of exploration with a balancing practice
focused on the connection to the heart

Saturday 9-11am 'The Sacredness of our Story'

This class brings us together around the Medicine Wheel where we will be each
contributing to its creation. The stones which we will be collecting there will
represent significant times in our lives called stepping stones. This class is to let go
of regret and transform these experiences to meaning, strength and wisdom.

Saturday 11:30-12:30 'Lets Integrate our Story'

This will be a strong Vinyasa practice aimed at the honouring and owning of
those experiences we explored in the previous class, placing the words and
emotions into physicality

Saturday 2:30-3:30pm 'The Strength of Ownership'

Here we will be reflecting back in the Medicine Wheel to ownership of
truth in those experiences

Saturday 4-5pm ' Emotional Cord Cutting'

This is a Dynamic Breathwork class which will be aimed to help us delve deep
into the cellular memory of the body through the initiation of moving pranic energy.
This is where we can release blocked energy from those events and
transform them into a positive

Saturday 5:30-6:30pm 'Connect with Wild'

In connect with wild we will be embracing the teachings of power animals
through embodying them in a free and improvised form of dance

Saturday 7:30-9pm 'Listening to Me'

Kane will be leading a class around the trusting of our deepest self what we call
intuition through a group exercise

Sunday 7-8am 'Calm the Mind'

This class will be focusing on the observation of particular thoughts, and the
triggers to judgment and assumptions we form. This class is to help us protect
ourselves from negativity by calming the mind and not responding but instead observing

Sunday 9-11am 'The Greatest Gift' 

This is a time where we will explore holding space and the rewards of
giving through an exercise.

Sunday 11:30-12:30 'Holding Space'

This class we will explore how to heal through positive intention
in a hands on way

Sunday 2-5pm 'The Spirit Cleanse'

A trek through the beautiful National Park to explore our voice echoing in a ravine,
our visions supported by a massive rock, and a water cleanse to complete our journey.